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"From the books we have is the case as well as with people. Although we have many acquaintances, but only a few elect his friends, companions in the heart of life "- Ludwig Feuerbach. An avid reader can not imagine life without books. The book - a faithful companion who accompanies him everywhere and always. This book helps to brighten up the expectation, makes a variety of evening. It is offering creative solutions and motivates to action. If a man take the opportunity to read the book, he will definitely depressed. But let us return to the statement of Feuerbach. His comparison of books with people pretty accurately. Because really, the books in his life a person reads the set. But far each resonates in the soul. There are books that we read in childhood or adolescence. But they are so sunk into the soul, that are in our memories in great detail today. And there are such items that are difficult to remember, a couple of months after reading. But this does not mean that they did not need to read. Any book benefits the human body, though, because it trains memory reading and stabilizes the nervous system.

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